Free Website Kit

This item is free.

Package Description

This Package will give you access to the Free Website Kit on PANDEMONIUM RUST on ALL SERVERS.

Package will instantly be assigned to your in-game account upon purchase.   
Free Website Kit

This package gives you LIFETIME access to the Free Website Kit.

The Free Website Kit included can be redeemed every 12 hours, with unlimited uses per wipe.

Access to the Free Website Kit


  • 5x Supply Signal (Buffed on our servers. Includes Full Metal Gear, AK's, explosives & more to kit out your Clan!)
  • Large Candy Bag (Can contain weapons such as M249 & explosives when opened)


  • 25,000x Stone
  • 25,000x Wood
  • 6,000x Metal Fragments
  • 100x High Quality Metal
  • 500x Cloth
  • 500x Scrap


  • 10x Apples
  • 10x Blue Berries
  • 5x Cooked Bear Meat