Package Description

This Package will give you access to the Extreme PVP Kit on PANDEMONIUM RUST on ALL SERVERS. This is a limited time exclusive deal!

Package will instantly be assigned to your in-game account upon purchase.   
Extreme PVP Kit

This package gives you LIFETIME access to the Extreme PVP Kit.

The Extreme PVP Kit included can be redeemed every 12 hours, with unlimited uses per wipe.

Access to the Extreme PVP Kit


  • Metal Facemask, Bandid Guard Gear, Roadsign Kilt
  • Boots
  • Pants


  • 1x Assault Rifle Rifle ICE with 100x 5.56 Rifle ammo
  • Holographic Sights Attachment
  • Extended Mag Attachment
  • Laser Sight Attachment
  • 1x L96 Rifle with 100x 5.56 Rifle ammo
  • 8x Zoom Attachment
  • Silencer Attachment


  • 10x Medical Syringe
  • 10x Bandages
  • 1x Large Medical Kit
  • 10x Blue Berries