Package Description

This Package will give you access to ALL VIP Kits/Ranks on PANDEMONIUM RUST on ALL SERVERS. This is a limited time exclusive deal!

Package will instantly be assigned to your ingame account upon purchase.   
A full list of Tools, Perks such as Skinbox & features can be found below!

This package gives you LIFETIME access to the VIP Package.

The VIP Kit included can be redeemed every 12 hours, with unlimited uses per wipe.

Access to the VIP Lifetime Kit


  • 5x Supply Signal (Buffed on our servers. Includes Full Metal Gear, AK's, explosives & more to kit out your Clan!)
  • Large Candy Bag (Can contain weapons such as M249 & explosives when opened)


  • 100,000x Stone
  • 100,000x Wood
  • 2000x Cloth
  • 2000x Leather
  • 2000x Scrap
  • 2000x Low-Grade Fuel
  • 25000x Metal Fragments
  • 1000x High-Quality Metal


  • Metal Facemask, Metal Chest Plate, Roadsign Kilt, Tactical Gloves
  • Boots
  • Hoodie
  • Pants


  • 1x Assault Rifle Rifle with 300x 5.56 Rifle ammo
  • Holographic Sights Attachment
  • Extended Mag Attachment
  • Laser Sight Attachment


  • 10x Medical Syringe
  • 5x Large Medical Kit
  • 25x Blue Berries


  • 25x Rifle Body
  • 25x Semi-Automatic Body
  • 25x SMG Body
  • 100x Sewing Kit
  • 50x Pipes
  • 50x Gears
  • 50x Springs
  • 50x Road Signs

Tools and Perks Includes:

  • VIP Lifetime Kit (See contents above)
  • Bypass Queue - Is the server full? you will be able to bypass the waiting time
  • Skinbox - This will grant you access to the /skinbox command to skin your weapons/clothes/items
  • Custom Chat Colour - Change your chat colour at any time with /colour
  • VIP Tag - A tag that will show up in the ingame chat. Do/toggletags if you wish to hide these ingame.