Which Payment Methods Do We Support?

Below is a list of our payment methods, you will be able to checkout once you add a package or item to your cart on our store above.

We operate using Tebex Checkout because it provides our customers with a smart, user-friendly payment experience that ensures the highest level of checkout security & ease. We support over 60+ payment methods as a result. We operate globally in all regions North America, Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean & Africa.

 We accept the following payment methods:

  • All Debit/Credit cards - We accept all cards globally. We recommend this method if you cannot use PayPal in your region or wish not to.
  • PayPal -   If you cannot use PayPal please use the Debit/Credit card option at checkout as they are dedicated to Card transactions with Debit/Credit Cards. PayPal Credit is also supported.
  • Amazon Giftcards & Amazon Digital Giftcards - We accept from all regions, please DM DJEAUMUSIC#2898 for this on Discord.
  • PaySafeCard - Done through checkout via our store.
  • iDEAL - Done through checkout via our store. 
  • Sofort - Done through checkout via our store. 
  • Bancontact - Done through via through our store.
  • EPS - Done through checkout via our store. 
  • Giropay - Done through checkout via our store. 
  • Gift Cards - We can accept Giftcards such as Amazon from across all regions of the world, we recommend Amazon if you are looking to use gift cards. Please contact me to use this method Discord (DJEAUMUSIC#2898).
  • We accept Steam Giftcards from all countries & currencies. We can accept money already in your Steam Wallet from most regions. If you are looking to buy a gift card in exchange for packages we recommend Amazon where possible Please contact me on Discord (DJEAUMUSIC#2898) if you wish to use steam money or have questions.
  • Crypto - We accept any cryptocurrencies. Contact me on Discord (DJEAUMUSIC#2898).
  • An additional 50+ payment methods. Methods able to be used in your region will appear when you checkout.

Terms of Service

Purchases to the server for classes and packages are NON-refundable, you agree to disallow any refund regardless of the scenario. If you disagree with this term, do not purchase. You agree that your purchase will be available immediately and that you waive your statutory right of withdrawal.

All Products are received as intangible merchandise. These are delivered electronically and immediately. No shipping or postal information is required on either the buyer's or seller's side. If you do not receive your merchandise electronically please contact us immediately.

Purchases are not transferable. You cannot transfer your VIP to another account if you were banned or wished to do so in any other circumstances; purchases are permanent to your Account for life. 

This applies to all Rust Servers.

If you have agreed to the terms and purchased, following the case of opening a dispute towards our agreement will directly be sent to Tebex Checkout and our full involvement will be attended in preventing unauthorized "cashback" transaction crimes against ourselves. We will use the full extent of the law to prosecute and send compelling evidence as requested by PayPal to fight illegitimate chargebacks and fraud. You agree that your purchase will be available immediately and that you waive your statutory right of withdrawal.

All information supplied to us before, during, and after the transaction is securely protected under the Data Protection Act 1998. The payment gateway (PayPal & Stripe and its gateway options respectively) which handles your transaction will handle all financial data securely. We store no data other than that which you provide to us via E-Mail or user identification (Such as your RP-Name and Steam ID/Steam Profile link)

Contact Us

Contact DJEAUMUSIC#2898 on Discord or email:  info@pandemoniumrust.com
The current link to our Discord Server is:  https://discord.gg/sdcFs2rExE

TEBEX Checkout Terms of Service

https://store.pandemoniumrust.com/terms/checkout We use Tebex Checkout for payments done via this store, read their own clauses above.